Shrew-U Homepage

Shrew-U is a mini tracker and wireless network node, for deployment on land, sea, and air.

Found One?

If you've found a Shrew-U somewhere, such as washed up on a beach or landed in a field, I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know where and perhaps even post it back. I'd be happy to pay for postage and a small finders fee. Email me:

Recent Deployments

Serial Status
SU001Firmware Dev
SU002Needs Repair
SU004Under Test
SU005Under Test

Hardware Details (revision 1)

Power Supply
  • 1xAA
  • Optional solar cell with MPPT charging
  • Optional external battery
Radio Transceiver
  • 434MHz or 868MHz
  • Wire antenna
  • Optional u.Fl connector for external antenna
GPS Receiver
  • Optional uBlox 7th generation
  • Wire antenna
  • Optional chip antenna
  • Temperature
  • Battery voltage
  • Optional light level
  • Optional external temperature and humidity
  • Optional position by GPS